Drum bun în lumina MICHAEL OLTEANU

Drum bun în lumina MICHAEL OLTEANU
Cu tristete în suflet am aflat de plecarea la cele vesnice, pe data de 31 mai 2018, a bunului
nostru prieten Michael Olteanu, un mare patriot al neamului românesc, om de aleasa omenie.
Dumnezeu sa-l odihneasca în pace.
Sincere condoleante familiei si puterea de a trece peste aceasta grea încerecare.

O lista cu cei care purta corespondenta, colegii de liceu si de „pension”! Cei cu asterisc au
impartasit cu el rigorile comuniste :
*Dinu VLAD




*Peter FALK

*Ioan Hugo SPATARU








Dumitru PASCU



Alexandru TUDORICA

Svetlana PALLADY

Gheorghe BOBEICA



Mai jos gasiti autobiografia scrisa de Domnul Olteanu, unde aminteste sacrificiile facute pentru libertate si pentru neamul românesc:

„Thank you for everything!

My name is Michael Olteanu and I publish the Christus Rex, Inc website (http://servus.christusrex.org ) since December 1984.

I am literally a dying old man who walks with crutches. I was diagnosed with Metastatic Stage 4 Colon Cancer and I have a life expectancy of less than six months.

I was born in Romania and I got involved in the fight against the Soviet occupation and the communist government at a very early age. In 1954, at the age of 12 I founded my first anti communist organization of high school students and we were hand writing and spreading anti communist manifests in the capital city of Bucharest.

In 1956, at the “older” age of 14, I was counting Soviet tanks and trucks in Bucharest for the CIA.

My organization, the National Liberation Front of Romania, kept growing and we were distributing manifests asking the population to start a revolution similar to the heroic Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

In May 1959 we were arrested by the Romanian Securitate (the Romanian KGB) and  I was sentenced to 23 years of GULAG (political prison). This is why I wanted to keep my website alive for at least 23 years!

During the interrogations, I was savagely beaten and they managed to severely damage my left hip. I suffered of severe hip pain all my life and I had to walk with crutches for the last 12 years(I am 76 years old). The military prosecutor apologized to the military court that he could not request the death penalty because I was under 18 years old at the time of my arrest.

My younger brother Victor, who was a mathematics genius and had won 13 Mathematics Olympic competitions, was refused admission to the University in 1961 because he was the brother of a political prisoner. To protest this enormous injustice, he committed suicide. My heartbroken mother attended many government audiences and obtained the abrogation of the law regarding the political discrimination in pursuing higher education a couple of years later.

I only spent five years in prison, being “pardoned” in 1964 together with all 64,000 other political prisoners, due to the intervention of the US government.

I got my M.S. in Computer Sciences in 1970, thanks to heroic sacrifice of my beloved brother, God bless his soul! Tens of thousands of young former political prisoners were able to continue their studies and get an university degree due to the supreme sacrifice of the National Hero Victor Nicolae Stoica Olteanu!

I continued working for the CIA and when it became obvious that I would be rearrested, I asked the US government to get me out of Romania.President Gerald Ford, God bless his memory, sent his National Security Adviser General Brent Scowcroft to Romania in November 1975 with a letter to the Romanian communist dictator Ceausescu requesting passports for my family and myself.

We arrived in California in January 1976 and spent a couple of months at the house of US Congressman Bob Wilson in San Diego.We owe our lives and our freedom to President Gerald Ford, General Brent Scowcroft, Congressmen Bob Wilson and Bill Archer,

Dick and Marian Wilson, Dr. Joseph and Sally Casey and the CIA directors!

May the Almighty Lord bless them all forever !

I was hired as a computer engineer by H. Ross Perot, the owner of EDS (Electronic Data Systems) in February 1976. In 1984 I transferred to Wells Fargo Bank as Vice President and manager of Computer Systems Programming and in 1988 I became Senior Vice President of Systems Engineering.

I had a chance to build one of the largest private computer networks in the world, connecting about 8,000 buildings that house over 165,000 computers and ATM machines. My network won the Smithsonian Institution Award for Excellence in 1998.In my spare time, I also worked as a part time CIA analyst for Eastern Europe..,I have to mention this was the original Wells Fargo Bank of San Francisco, before it was bought by a bunch of crooks from Minnesota which destroyed its reputation.

I retired in 2004 and I continued working with over 40 charitable organizations that rescue and help human beings and animals all over the world, contributing tens of thousands of dollars for these worthy causes.

I also feed scores of feral cats, squirrels and wild birds in my backyard every day.Every creature on this planet is pre- programmed through DNA to have certain traits of character and health characteristics.

I thank God for programming me to be a FIGHTER FOR FREEDOM, JUSTICE, TRUTH AND COMPASSION  all my life.He gave me a wonderful gift: I WAS NEVER AFRAID OF ANYTHING IN MY LIFE!


I am looking forward to my death which will put an end to my daily pain.The biggest problem I am working hard to resolve is to find a charitable organization that will continue to feed my beloved animals in my backyard after I am gone.

Any help to resolve this major problem will be greatly appreciated!

May the Almighty Lord bless you all!

Michael Olteanu,M.S.”




2 comentarii

  1. Ica, de tanar n-ai incetat niciodata sa ai visuri mari, sa „think big”, sa cutezi. Orice ti-ai pus in gandurile tale ai realizat caci aveai idei, erai inteligent. Pacat ca te-ai dus, imi lipsesc controversele politice cu tine pe internet, imi lipseste christus rex, iti duca lipsa, ca toti cei care te-au cunoscut si apreciat. Acum esti in gloria Domnului, odihneste-te in pace, ne vom reintalni poate, candva, pe undeva.

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

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